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Comfortable leather kilt!

I'm originally from France but currently reside in the USA. My work is a receptionist with a strict business dress code. I also cycle 13km one way to work and I am always searching for stylish & comfortable clothing. I ordered my first kilt from a few years ago to attend as MOH for a friend. It was such a popular outfit, I wore it to work on Casual American Dress Friday. I also got compliments so my boss asked HR if I could wear kilts all the time. It was approved but I must wear nylons or knee socks. I've ordered numerous wool tartan kilts since & I love them all.
I was curious for a leather kilt for work and for dining & dancing after work. I sent KiltExperts an electronic mail message and they gladly offered to help. I sent in measurements. WARNING! They use USA inches!
It arrived quickly and fit perfectly.
This kilt is so comfortable to wear cycling, at work and for dancing with friends!
Thank you!

Not good

The kilt is light compared to my other 5 I've bought from you. It doesn't hang well and always wants to open in the front. The side pockets aren't properly aligned. So overall disappointed with this kilt. Love my other 5 I've gotten from you though. So ya you should let me order a free kilt to make up for it. Thanks.

Big guy

I ordered this for a Ren Faire outfit. I am 6'4" and 300lbs so finding stuff that fits and looks good gets interesting. This outfit fits well, and considering the price, it is very much worth every penny. The only down side is the shirt is tight in the shoulders, so future orders will be one size larger.Also, as others commented, the shirt lace is some kind of plastic, so go ahead and get a leather lace from somewhere and just replace it.Again, for the price, you can't beat this deal.

Looks awesome and well made!

I was a bit leery of getting a kilt online because I'm a heavier man and let's just say I've had issues with sizing from online stores. But it actually fits very well (as long as you're honest about your measurements!) and it's very comfortable to wear! The jacket and shirt are a little big but give me enough cake and I'm sure I'll grow into them! 😂

Wedding kilt dress jacket

Product was better than we expected and service was amazing. We needed it asap and I emailed them to request this ans it was shipped out right away and we received it early. Would recommend for sure !

Men's Prince Charlie Jacket
W Joseph Touchstone
Beautifully tailored

I’m very pleased with Prince Charles Jacket. It fits well and sets off my kilt in an impressive manner

University of Tennessee tartan suspender skirt

Since the suspender skirt has been available, I have ordered numerous and I am happy with them all. They are well constructed by skilled kilt makers. The wool is amazing, soft and comfortable to wear all day. I'm originally from France but reside and work in the USA. My work is a receptionist and required to wear business clothing. I also cycle 13km one way to work so I am always looking for stylish clothing for work and cycling. Warning! Once you order one item from this company, you will order again! Also, follow the size chart to measure, if you have questions send the company an electronic mail message. They will return your message and are helpful. Final message: They use USA inches of measure! Thank you for making comfortable clothing! Jouir! Daisy

Ireland National tartan kilt

I love this kilt! This is my second one from you. I get so many compliments on it. Thank you

Very well made, great fit and looks great 👍

thanks for your feedback.

Great kilt

Love this kilt, only issue I have is the metal links that hold the pouches on broke in the first day of use. Other than that, love this kilt and am saving up to get another in the future.

Perfect color, high quality work, comfortable design and fabric

I've ordered many items from this company and I was so excited when I noticed this new item was available for order. I had questions and replied swiftly and told me how to take the measurements. WARNING! They use USA inches! It arrived quickly and it fits perfect! It is much higher quality than anything you can purchase online or in a store in the USA. I'm original from France but reside the USA! My work is a receptionist & must wear business professional clothing to work. I also have a 13km one way cycle ride to work. I'm always searching for comfortable, stylish and professional fashion for work. Since my first order, I have not stopped ordering custom clothing from this company.They have always been very helpful and everything they make is high quality and custom made for you. Jouir! Daisy

complete kilt outfit

excellent product - excellent service - excellent delivery time

great product - fast service

Excellent overall experience

Navy Blue 4 Button Stylish Kilt
Caina Sena Da Silva Vieira
Great product

It fits very well, made with quality material.I totally recommend.

Excellent quality

Love my reflective kilt !It certainly stands out! Great quality and value for the price.

Kinda punk

I love that it came with my family tartan. The design ended ip being a bit more punk for my taste and age.(53). Otherwise this is a great list. Love the fit. Will shop with them again.

No problems with the product.

Well made, good fit. I like it.

Very good low cost kilt for my teenager greatly EXCEEDED my expectations

I have been wearing kilts for about 2 years now and one my sons really wanted to wear one as well. it can be difficult to get anything off the shelf that fits waists smaller than 30 inches. With him not being full grown yet and likely to outgrow it in less than two years, I didn't want to spend too much money. So when I saw an ad for kilts from Kilt Experts, I checked it out. I got the kilt, Hose Flashes and a Neck tie for just around $100.($60 for the kilt). He loves it and his brother also found it very comfortable. He has looked for opportunities to wear it and is really enjoying traditional kilt wear.Material is comfortable and well sewn, patter color is bright. Adjustable by about 3-4 inches at the waist. A great way to try traditional kilt wear on a budget. WIth a kilt and sporran you can get started well and functionally.

thanks for giving us 5 stars review and also for the Video.

Military honor

Great looking, feels great and fits perfect. I will use for my military events.


Very happy with the entire process- good price, quick turnaround, quality fabric and construction.

I love everything about this outfit

Everything about this outfit is amazing! The fabric is comfortable, the workmanship is high quality and I can’t believe how well it fits without trying it on first. I’m originally from France living in the USA. My work is a receptionist with a strict dress code. On occasion I must help my boss with his job so I needed a business skirt suit. I messaged if they could make this outfit for me. They asked my measurements and made me the perfect outfit. Thank you

Elliot Modern tartan Suspender Skirt

I love my suspender skirts. I noticed this was offered and I had to order three. This is my family tartan, the Elliot Modern. I'm originally from France & living in the USA. My work is a receptionist and I must wear business professional clothing to work. I also have a 13km cycle ride one way to work. This suspender skirt is comfortable to wear all day long. I'm always receiving compliments when I wear my clothing. Thank you! I love everything you have made for me. Jouir! Daisy

Heritage of Scotland Suspender skirt

I love this tartan suspender skirt! I'm originally from France and currently reside in the United States. I work as a receptionist and must wear business professional clothing. I've ordered numerous kilts from this site and I love each one. This design is perfect. The elastic in the back is very comfortable for working all day. I got numerous compliments today.

Thanks for sharing your experience! It sounds like you absolutely love the tartan suspender skirt and it makes you feel great. That's fantastic!


The kilt is beautifully made and looks great on. I am very happy with my leather kilt. It's gorgeous. Will definitely be buying from you again

Nice shirt but no laundry or care instructions